How to optimize your Logistics, by saving on time and costs?


The world around us is transforming, me and you may like it or not. We have a choice to be spectators, become part of this transformation, or even lead the change. The rest of this blog is focused on an audience ready to transform with us, spectators please excuse!


In the world of Logistics Shippers/Freight owners are the industries driving force. They can be employees or business owners. Can hold a multitude of responsibilities between servicing customers, running a business, keeping track of freight movements & optimizing costs.

Are you a Shipper reliant on Paper-based systems, emails, and phone calls to manage freight?

Do you spend a lot of time trying to find a suitable carrier for that one remote customer?

Are you looking to make sure your current carrier is charging a fair price?

Did an experience of paying the carrier upfront left a sour taste?

If you answered yes to any of the above, trust me by today’s technological standards you are still a spectator.

It's time for you to move away from the pack and become a leader. The competition will keep guessing while you fast pace your organization’s progress.

Make sure you read to the end as I share with you how to leverage technology to save time and costs.


These are the companies, transport operators, and owner-operators who are entrusted to move Shippers freight. In today's world, big companies are leading the change in technology and marketing.

However, all the complexities of a business hierarchy have made their business models rigid and slow to change. They often fail to add value in ways an owner-operator can. Unlike big organizations, the owner-operator relies on repeat business to be sustainable.

Small operators are often invisible to the Shippers, they lack access to a visible platform where they can seek out shippers. In turn, they rely heavily on word of mouth. The tech-savvy (relatively small %) are catching up on Facebook load boards or online Logistics marketplaces.

Our Solution

Technology is of little value if it does not instill in its user’s basic human qualities of building trusted and long-lasting relationships. We are determined to keep it human and keep the technology improving for our users by solving everyday problems.

We cannot guarantee this is the best solution out there for you. What we can guarantee is our work is not done until we become the best solution there is.

What we have to offer…. read on.

For Shippers?

  • A transparent platform that is easy and intuitive to operate from desktop and mobile.
  • Saving valuable time connects you to several qualified Carriers with verified credentials visible to review.
  • Post a load in minutes, just add freight details, pictures, from to where our carriers will get back to you with quotes.
  • Don’t just decide on any carrier read their reviews, service history, have a look at the equipment before deciding.
  • Digital and secure payments, your money is securely held until the freight is delivered.
  • Traceable, every step of the freight movement from pickup to delivery.
  • Designed to integrate with your current systems to become your custom logistics portal.
  • Trust and credibility every step of the way, that is how we service our customers.

For Carriers?

  • A platform to make owner-operators more visible to Shippers, marketing their service free of cost.
  • A means to convert the unused extra capacity into secure paying freight.
  • Digital faster payments automated to your bank accounts once the freight is delivered.
  • Easy to register and signup verifying your licenses and registration in real-time digitally.
  • If technology is not your thing, no worries we can reach out via a convenient means and train.
  • Ability to integrate with your systems or standalone use via mobile or desktop.


Shippers and Carriers, did we touch on all your pain points? Would love to know about your concerns, please leave comments below.



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